We provide a full range of tailored legal solutions and services to our corporate clients, taking their specific needs and operational environments into account. Provision of these services takes the form deemed most convenient and practical by every individual client – from queries answered electronically, in-person advice and consultations at our client’s premises to a hands-on approach taking the form of actively participating in clients’ business meetings, negotiations, drafting and reviewing of documents and litigation representation.

We are particularly proud of our track record of successfully handling challenging corporate reforms that includes transformations, mergers, restructurings, divisions of limited companies and partnerships. Where needed, these corporate legal services are supplemented by the help of seasoned tax consultants and esteemed experts from across the field of corporate affairs. With corporate clients’ needs in mind we have established the perfect team that is more than up to the task. Working in unison, members of our team specialize in a wide array of complementary branches of law pertaining to corporate issues. Our area of expertise, on top of such traditional pillars of law as civil, business law, labour law and criminal law, is supplemented by our growing experience in the spheres of IP and IT law, investment law and investment advisory services, helping clients secure real-estate transactions and providing liaison and assistance in negotiations with shopping centres.

The establishment of the cooperative framework with our partnering Law Office in London enabled us to provide comprehensive range of services to corporate entities with links to the United Kingdom.