We strive to meet the expectations of both individuals (natural legal persons) and SME clients to the highest possible extent by offering an A-to-Z service that encompasses litigation representation, lawsuit assistance and advice at each stage of legal proceedings. On top of comprehensive litigation representation services we offer drafting services (pleadings, contracts etc.) and general legal advice.

It is worth stressing that regular work with the cooperating British law firm allowed us to gather a wealth of experience in providing legal services to Polish expats in the United Kingdom. A remarkable track record of cooperation with our British partners, coupled with our expertise in Polish law, allows us to comprehensively serve Polish clients domiciled in London, be it before British courts or in matters governed by Polish law.

Our most popular legal services include:

  • Civil litigation representation
  • Criminal defense
  • Drafting of documents, agreements, arrangements, settlements, wills
  • Probate cases
  • Family law
  • Road accidents claims
  • Claims for payment and collection proceedings
  • Breach of contract claims and counterclaims
  • Personal bankruptcy under English law
  • Real-estate law and advice – establishing the precise legal status of a property, settling neighbour disputes, prescription and easements, alienation